What is it?

Single player Fantasy/Sci-fi Action RPG set in a large world.

What is it not?

Triple (AAA) game.

What can you expect from it?

  • Large open worlds.
  • Main-Story quests and Side-Quests with different types of rewards.
  • Loot with stats (Weapons, armor, etc).
  • Level progression.

Development status:

Under development.
Currently in the prototyping stage, building game-mechanincs and game-systems.

Development Roadmap:

Enemy AI
  • Detection radius with different states based on level difference).
  • Experience gained modifier by level.
  • More advanced Enemy animations ( Replace Enemy model with better ones).
  • Drop loot.
Inventory & Equipment:
  • Develop inventory system. Completed!
    Develop equipment system. Completed!
  • New: Develop more items like gear, weapons and consumables
  • Stats modifiers.
  • Add AP system to invest in skills.
  • Build a few dungeons.
  • World building.
  • NEW – Load & Save system.
Quest System:
  • Develop a basic quest system (A template to work on).
  • (More to add when system is under development).
GFX / Assets:
  • Develop more world assets.
  • Develop more swords, shields and/or other weapons.
  • Improve player attack animations.
  • Create particle effects / effects for combat.
  • Investigate possibilities for how to animated arms and hands.
  • Investigate possibilities on how to have wearable armor/trinkets.
  • Add ambience sounds in world and dungeons.
  • SFX for enemies, environment and etc.
  • Look into a direction audio solution.
  • Statusbars (health, stamina, magic, exp and level) Completed!
  • Develop a main menu.
  • Develop options menu.

Videos / Screenshots (Not actual representation of the game. Only prototypes!):