UnReality – Devlog #5

Quite a few things got done since the last devlog.

  • Fixed a serious code issue that severely tanked performance.
  • Font tweaks.
  • Rebaked some lighting.
  • Added a Launcher to adjust graphic settings before starting game.
  • Added in-game menu with ‘Back to main menu’ and ‘Exit to desktop’ buttons.
    (Accessed through ‘ESC’ key).
  • Reworked the wintermap and tweaked some foliage and walking paths.
  • Removed some voice acting due to plans for rework.

The plan was to release a alpha/demo version at the end of this week.
Currently I’m not entirely happy with the current state of the game, so it will most likely be postponed to sometime this weekend or next week.


UnReality – Devlog #4

Worked on since last devlog:

  • Fixed up how interactions are handled while havng a torch equipped. The torch will now unequip when interacting with puzzles.
  • Fixed collision issues across all levels.
  • Fixed audio sync issue on world 3 puzzle.
  • Performance optimisation on vegetation.

Need work before relase of demo:

  • Major issues with decreasing FPS during gameplay. Need to inspect code and assets to find the culprint.
  • Adjustments in sound and visuals.

UnReality – Devlog #1

Currently in a working state:

  • Movement system.
  • Pickup items (Currently only the torch).
  • Interaction with puzzle items.
  • Footstep systems. Plays different foorstep sounds when there is a change in surfaces.

Currently under development:

  • Save and load system.
  • Dedicated game launcher to set settings before launching the game.
  • GUI styling and tweaking.
  • In-game settings.